Event Booking / Reservation System

Technical Specifications


Admin Module

The following table outlines features of the admin module:


  • Clear and simple interface and navigation throughout
  • Main sections would include Events, Attendees, Guests, Housekeeping
  • Summary and detailed views
  • Options to sort by event, member, time period, etc.
Customizable Information Types

  • Event Types - Manage the types of reservations your facility would use (ie. President's Ball, Ladies Golf Luncheon)
  • Event Costs - Define costs based on the attendee per event (member, guest, adult, child)
  • Venues - Define the various venues to be used for events (ballroom, auditorium)
Reservation Manager
  • The reservation management screen allows a new event to be added or displays information about a selected event and provides access to all the actions you may wish to perform on it. Event information features include:
    • Booking Number (automatically generated at time of entry)
    • Event Name
    • Event Description
    • Start Date and Start Time
    • End Date and End Time (if applicable) 
    • Date on which booking can begin
    • Date on which booking stops
    • Start Date for listing in feature events section(s)
    • End Date for listing in feature events section(s)
    • Calendar on which the event should display
    • Maximum number of attendees allowed
    • Maximum number of people allowed per booking
    • Minimum number of people allowed per booking
    • Maximum number of waitlist spots
    • Allow members to make reservations for other members
    • Allow members to register guests
    • Number of guests allowed per member
    • Require and specify required guest contact information
    • Specify the date on which a generic event reminder is sent to all attendees
    • Set no-penalty cancellation date and cancellation fee after cancellation date 
    • Allow members to not book for themselves (eg. children swimming lessons)
    • Require age and/or gender to be specified
    • Restrict reservation by gender
    • Select the type of event
    • Select the event status (active, inactive, postponed, cancelled, etc.
  • Ability to manage the complete booking cycle of an event including reservation, members and guests, billing charges and report creation occurs in this section
  • Cancel a reservation, and free up booked items for others to reserve. The details of the cancelled reservation are still held in the system for reference and the account may also be used to bill a  cancellation charge. 
  • Bookings are received in an unconfirmed state by default
  • Generate confirmation emails as desired
  • Book or cancel a reservation for any member
  • View and manage attendees, guests and waitlists
  • Event attendee reports
  • Export billing information
  • Broadcast email
    • Confirmation emails
    • Cancellation emails
    • Waiting list notifications
Other Features
  • Associate guests with specific members
  • Design standard email templates for various email types


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